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This is an appointment's post for the Jiminy Journal (otherwise known as Data-Riku. ...It's complicated and involves heavy spoilers, alright?).
Feel free to use this entry as a means to contact him via the other journal or pester him somewhere around the village.
Be reminded, however, to include a date in the comment titles to absolve any confusion as the bugs are eradicated in this system sector.

Thank you. |
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Hello, and welcome to the Journal. How is the program in question performing? Do you have any constructive criticism for the programmer?

If so, then please be so kind as to post it here. Anon is enabled, and IP tracking is disabled.

Have a good day.|
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Christmas... It seems to be a rather special holiday for many of you, much like it is for those in worlds connected to my own.

Merry Christmas, everyone.
[...That's what you're supposed to say, right?]

[A while later, ff you're out wandering the village Christmas Eve, you may just notice a familiar figure, however younger they might seem to those who know either of the other two 'Rikus'. Just walking around, covered in layers and still holding onto the journal he arrived with. Though, it is getting rather late... Why is he still outside on tonight of all nights?]
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[There are several things that this avatar is used to. Being surrounded by cold things is certainly not one of them, even if he'd been frozen at some point before and knew it was possible due to Sora if he didn't have the correct charm on at the time. What he also isn't used to is waking up in extreme cold without his coat on or with something on his back brushing against him in an attempt for warmth. At least it seemed warmer to him.

But why is everything black? Did his optics still have bugs in them?

N o p e. Moving and making the snow cocoon break around him makes him realize that whoever decided that this was funny, making a person made of what he is, thought it would be hilarious for him to wake up inside a snowman. It's also just his luck that he trips over a familiar-shaped object before falling backwards into the fountain. Ow... This is just the wake-up he needed right now.

...Wait. This isn't the virtual Hollow Bastion.]

[That's when he notices the journal nearby, and he blinks at it. It would be far too much of a paradox for a journal to be inside a journal, and this is definitely not-

He tentatively picks it up and skims through it, seeing none of the messages that he'd left for the others to find, but others appearing on the pages as the either spoke or wrote down their thoughts. ...This was peculiar to say the least, but if this was a sort of communication device... Sigh. He begins writing.]

So it was possible...

If anyone actually does see this, would you inform me of where exactly this location is? I'm aware that my world was connected to another, but this is much different than what was previously recorded. Is there a way to return?

[...Heh. Journal using a journal. Maybe after his teeth stop chattering he'll laugh about it. S-s-so c-c-cold... Where is his coat-? Wait...]

...And I'm guessing it's completely normal to wake up with wings. [Oh, the sarcasm. What the glitch?]


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