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Name:kiroku ⇅ nʞıɹ-ɐʇɐp

❝Our world still aches, and your next world still awaits.❞
This is a role-play journal for Data-Riku from Kingdom Hearts: Re. Coded.

He is literally all of the data within Jiminy's Journal in one form, thus the burden he carries is that equivalent to the true memories hidden deep within the seemingly blank pages of their first journey. Most of his own personality is directly derived from this and the perceptions Sora and Jiminy have of the real Riku, and yet it's rather askew due to the fact that as a sentient being he has only been around for a few days at maximum. This means that he's had very little time to create a personality of his own, hence the paragraph above. With all the knowledge of Sora's first journey to many worlds inside him, it's caused a strange concoction of what could be considered "canon points" for the personality he came up with: outwardly calm and collected, but a dry sense of humor that allows him to chuckle at general silliness of the friends he's come to have canonly.

All he knows about the real world is what is seen and experienced through Jiminy's experiences so what he does know is only basic ideas of how society functions and made him more human-like as contrast to a normal computer program. Without this, he would more than likely be an emotionless figure that speaks like a robot. Instead, his sentience allows him to think to overcome the obstacles he encounters as a sort of firewall for the Journal itself, as well as feel for himself what most programs normally wouldn't. However, as time goes on within the journal, it's shown that most of his attitude masks guilt and the detaching emptiness that any data being would have in contrast to those in the real world.

Like the earliest memories of Riku suggest, Data-Riku is one who prefers to take the incentive when something is in need of doing.

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